Use method of pressure steam sterilizer

Preparation: first, remove the inner sterilizer bucket and add an appropriate amount of water to the outer pot to make the water level with the triangle shelf. In general, water should be added before each sterilization.
Put it back into the sterilizing bucket and put it into the articles to be sterilized: wrap the culture medium and empty glassware to be sterilized with kraft paper and put them into the inner layer of the pot.
Cover: first check whether the sealing ring on the pot cover is good, and remove dirt, then insert the exhaust hose on the pot cover into the exhaust slot of the inner layer sterilizing barrel, then cover the pot cover tightly, tighten the bolts on the pot cover evenly with diagonal type, make the bolts tighten uniformly, do not let air leak. Some are not bolted, but like family pressure cookers, as long as the lid and the slot of the pot is aligned, clockwise rotation, can be stuck in place.
Heat with an electric stove or gas (most electric heat pipes) and open the exhaust valve so that the water inside the pot boils and the cold air inside the pot goes out. In particular, it is important to note whether the removal of cold air from the sterilizer is complete. Since the expansion pressure of air is greater than that of water vapor, when water vapor contains air, the temperature containing air vapor is lower than that of saturated vapor at the same pressure. Usually should wait for the pot after boiling water exhaust 3~5min, until the cold air completely exhaust, close the exhaust valve, let the temperature in the pot with the increase of steam pressure and gradually rise. Another way to get rid of the cold air is to cover the pot tightly as described above and heat it so that steam is generated inside the pot. When the pressure gauge pointer reaches 33.78kpa, open the exhaust valve to discharge the cold air, and the pressure gauge pointer drops. When the pointer drops to zero, the cold air is exhausted, close the exhaust valve. When the pressure in the pot rises to the required pressure, control the heat source and maintain the pressure for the required time.
After the sterilization time is reached, power off or turn off the gas. Let the temperature in the sterilizing pot drop naturally. When the pressure of the pressure gauge drops to 0, open the exhaust valve, unscrew the bolt, open the lid, and take out the sterilizing articles after 10min. Be careful not to open the exhaust valve if the pressure does not drop to 0, the pressure in the pot will drop suddenly, causing the liquid in the container to run out of the flask or tube mouth due to the imbalance of internal and external pressure, resulting in contamination of the culture medium with the cotton plug.

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