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Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer LHS-18B

Function introduction
  • Thicken SUS304 stainless steel, the thickness of the barrel reaches 2mm,durable;
  • It adopts microcomputer intelligent control, the display screen shows sterilization temperature and time, which is clear and clear; it can adjust the corresponding functions of the instrument on the display screen according to the needs of sterilization, automatically stop heating and alarm aftersterilization,which is easy to operate;
  • The structure of safety interlock shift type quick opening cover can not be opened under internal pressure, so it is safe and convenient to use;
  • Equipped with a liquid level gauge and a low water level alarm function,the low water level automatically stops heating and alarms,effectively protecting the equipment;
  • Equipped with double scale pressure gauge, display internal pressure and temperature at the same time, read parameters intuitively and accurately;
  • Equipped with a fully open safety valve and a vent valve,it can relieve pressure and maintain a constant pressure,ensuring safety and reliability;
  • The microcomputer intelligent control system is equipped with over temperature and over pressure protection device, which can automatically cut off the power when the temperature reaches the upper limit, with high safety;
  • Immersion stainless steel electric heating pipe is adopted, which has longer service life;Self expanding sealing ring is safer and more convenient;
  • Use water tap to drain water and avoid scald;
  • It is fashionable and safe.
Product Details

Working Pressure0.1420.1420.1420.142
Maximum Pressure0.1650.1650.1650.165
Working Temperature ℃126126126126
Maximum Sterilization Temperature ℃129129129129
Capping MethodInterlocking device / Quick openInterlocking device / Quick openInterlocking device / Quick openInterlocking device / Quick open
Pressure DisplayDisplay/Pressure Gauge DisplayDisplay/Pressure Gauge DisplayDisplay/Pressure Gauge DisplayDisplay/Pressure Gauge Display
Voltage Regulation MethodMicrocomputer controlMicrocomputer controlMicrocomputer controlMicrocomputer control
Water Shortage Protection MethodDisplay display + alarmDisplay display + alarmDisplay display + alarmDisplay display + alarm
Temperature Display ModeLED digital tube + pressure gaugeLED digital tube + pressure gaugeLED digital tube + pressure gaugeLED digital tube + pressure gauge
Heating MethodElectric heatingElectric heatingElectric heatingElectric heating
Temperature Control Accuracy0-1℃0-1℃0-1℃0-1℃
Temperature Uniformity1℃1℃1℃1℃
Sterilization Time Selection Range0-60min0-60min0-60min0-60min
Sterilization Time Display Accuracy0 — +5%0 — +5%0 — +5%0 — +5%
Inner Cylinder SizeΦ240x140mmΦ240x230mmΦ260x270mmΦ260x380mm
Product Size(L×W×H mm)Φ263x480mmΦ263x580mmΦ283x600mmΦ283x700mm
Carton Size(L×W×H mm)370x370x530mm370x370x640mm390x390x650mm390x390x770mm
Material (Stainless Steel Type)304304304304
Type Of Sealing RingSelf-inflatingSelf-inflatingSelf-inflatingSelf-inflating
Sealing Ring MaterialSiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone
Use EnvironmentTemperature 5℃-40℃,Humidity ≤80%Temperature 5℃-40℃,Humidity ≤80%Temperature 5℃-40℃,Humidity ≤80%Temperature 5℃-40℃,Humidity ≤80%
Fuse FunctionYesYesYesYes
Alarm FunctionYesYesYesYes
Sterilization Prompt FunctionDisplay + alarmDisplay + alarmDisplay + alarmDisplay + alarm
Heating Tube Protection FunctionLow water level protectionLow water level protectionLow water level protectionLow water level protection
Power Cord Length1.7-1.8m1.7-1.8m1.7-1.8m1.7-1.8m
Net Weight9.5Kg11Kg12.5Kg14.5Kg
Gross Weight10.5Kg12.5Kg14.5Kg16.5Kg