How to maintain the autoclave

High pressure sterilization pot, also known as high pressure steam sterilization pot, pressure steam sterilizer, can be divided into portable high pressure sterilization pot, desktop, and vertical autoclave pressure steam sterilization pot, large horizontal pressure steam sterilization pot. A device for heating water to produce steam through an electric heating wire and for maintaining pressure. It is mainly composed of a sealed barrel, pressure gauge, exhaust valve, safety valve, electric heating wire and so on.
It is suitable for sterilization of medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution medium, etc.
The following requirements should be strictly followed when using the pressure steam sterilizer:
1. In order to ensure safe use, the power cord of the sterilizer should be well grounded.
2. The sterilizer should be placed in a suitable environment, ventilated and dry, and free of inflammable and explosive articles.
3. do not open the safety valve, steam valve seal and screw, etc.
4. Do not stack more than 4/5 of the volume in the sterilizer, otherwise there will be hidden safety problems.
5. When the sealing ring is attached with oil, it is easy to damage the gum and cause air leakage, which should be avoided to the utmost.
6. Chemical articles that cause explosion or sudden boost in contact with steam medium shall not be sterilized by sterilizer.
7. When piling up sterilized articles, make sure to leave enough space and do not block the vent holes of safety valve and steam vent valve, so as to ensure smooth air and safety.
8. The liquid should be filled in the bottle for sterilization. The liquid should not exceed 3/4 of the bottle volume.
9. Do not put items of different types and different sterilization requirements together for sterilization.
10. After sterilization, steam cannot be released immediately, and residual gas can be discharged only after the pressure gauge pointer returns to zero.
11. The pressure gauge shall be calibrated regularly and replaced if necessary.
12. Check the safety valve regularly and replace it immediately if the safety valve is unqualified.
13. often check the sealing ring, and timely replacement.
14. After the use of the sterilizer, the water in the container shall be removed. If there is scale on the container or the electric heat pipe, it shall also be cleaned to prolong the service life.

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